Lawn Mower Brand Spotlight: 10 Reasons to Choose Masport Mowers

Lawn Mower Brand Spotlight: 10 Reasons to Choose Masport Mowers

Masport Mowers may be unfamiliar in the United States, but their brand has been an all-around loved manufacturer in New Zealand for over a century and in Australia for several decades! Masport products are proudly designed and engineered in Australia and have an excellent international reputation for providing high-quality lawn mowers, exporting to over 40 countries worldwide.

While their mowers employ the same Briggs & Stratton and Honda engines found on domestic mowers, Masport Mowers has taken a different approach to development. As a result, Masport lawn mowers have a set of unique characteristics that make them more user-friendly and effective than practically any other walk-behind lawn mower on the market.

There are several reasons to select one of these mowers if you’re a homeowner searching for a dependable walk-behind mower or a professional landscaper in need of a dependable riding lawn mower that can handle professional use. As the leading retailers of Masport Mowers Perth, here are ten standout qualities they provide.

  1. Ergonomic and Secure Cam Locks

Masport’s range of cam locks allows users to quickly and easily fold down the mower’s handle for easy storage or transit. Just fold the handle forwards for storage by flipping up both levers. When in operation, users can adjust the handle just as easily for their preferred height to reduce back strain and prevent the handle from bending while in use.

  1. Industry Leading Washports

Riding lawn mowers have had washports for years, allowing you to flush off trapped grass with a garden hose. But Masport Mowers is one of the few walk-behind mowers to have this function. With Masport lawn mowers, users can clean the housing while the mower engine is operating with a hose fitting point, extending the life of the chassis and enhancing cutting efficiency.

  1. Adjustable Dual Bearing Wheels

Masport riding lawn mowers and walk-behinds both use a thick, rubber-covered ball-bearing wheel on their lawn mowers to reduce scraping and makes the mower simple to push. While the mowers’ wheels will loosen after break-in, you can simply tighten the nuts on the ends of your Masport’s axles to make up the difference.

  1. Smartchute – Masport’s One-of-a-Kind Feature

Want to utilise a side discharge but don’t like the clumps it leaves behind? Simply remove the grass bag and pull it up on the corner of the chute cover if you use a bagging mower. Grass clippings splatter over the aperture, covering a large area. This avoids clump development without forcing you to walk on new clippings like a rear discharge mower would.

  1. Masport Dual Mowzone

Masport lawn mowers with this feature have a deck that extends beyond the wheels. So, since the blade coverage on both sides extends beyond the wheel width, the mower can cut closer to fences, buildings, and obstacles, giving your grass a neater finish. If your yard has a lot of obstacles, this might reduce the amount of trimming you have to perform after you mow.

  1. Snorkel Air Filter System Increases User Safety

The Snorkel Air Filter System reduces the danger of dust entering the riding lawn mower engine, which means fewer air filter changes.

  1. Innovative Chipper Chute

The Masport Mowers Chipperchute is a cutting-edge lawn mowing innovation that allows your lawn mower to do more than just cut grass. Masport’s 4’N 1 mowers come with a chipper chute that can cut branches up to 35mm in diameter and transform them into useable mulch with the addition of the chipper blade.

As branches are chipped, the chips are fed back into the catcher, where the mulch may be composted or used in your garden. Unlike other lawn mowers and lawn vacuums, this chute is located behind the engine and is easily accessible to the operator. A blade fitted directly to the engine shaft chops branches, making it easier to access and sharpen than flails on other machines.

  1. Smart Handle Lift System

Do you need to get rid of the bag? Removing and reinstalling the lawn mower’s catcher is a breeze with the Handle Lift System. Simply push the foot lever next to the rear wheel, the handle rotates forwards, making it easy to get in and out.

  1. Top-Quality, Reliable Blades

Except for the 4’N 1 mowers, all riding lawn mower and walk-behind models have a basic, low lift bar blade. A Quickcut blade may be fitted to your Masport for improved mulching performance, which gives the blades more time to cut up the clippings by increasing lift. A Quickcut blade is combined with a chipping blade in 4’N 1 mowers. MSV mowers are compatible with the two/four-blade disc and have two blades for maximum suction and the most stunning finish and mulching results.

  1. One of the Most Comprehensive Warranties Available

The engines for Masport lawn mowers, like any other piece of lawn equipment, are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Everything else on Masport’s regular mowers is guaranteed for four years in domestic usage or six months in commercial use. Contractor mowers have a 5-year domestic warranty and a one-year commercial warranty.

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Since every lawn is unique, Masport has created a comprehensive lawn and garden equipment line. Masport mowers are constructed to last because they are engineered to handle the most challenging lawn conditions and the longest mowing durations.

Masport lawn mowers are feature-rich, innovative, and extremely high-performance machines. Whether you consider lawn care a pleasure or work, Masport has the tools to help you realise your vision while staying within your budget and lifestyle.

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