3 tips for choosing the right garden power equipment

3 tips for choosing the right garden power equipment

There are many things to consider when choosing the right garden power equipment, such as affordability, user-friendliness, accessibility and ensuring it meets your desired needs. At Ellenbrook Mowers we stock a variety of garden power equipment from various brands which can help transform your yard. A garden edger may be beneficial for you if you want to add definition to your boundary lines. An electric mower could be the perfect addition to your garden if you are wanting a mower that is easy to use, quiet and user friendly in a residential setting. Whereas a Masport mower may be the choice for you if you are looking for a reliable and effective walk-behind mower.

We at Ellenbrook Mowers have numerous options to meet your required garden necessities. Here are 3 tips to ensure your mower and outdoor power equipment choices are right for you:

  1. Use garden edgers to achieve a professionally manicured garden

 Achieving a manicured finish to your garden can transform the way your property looks. By using a garden edger you can achieve professionally manicured edges and landscapes to ensure your property stands out. It can make achieving a clean and manicured edge for your driveway, pavements, and flowerbeds efficient and effortless. The use of the garden edger’s vertical spinning blade ensures it cuts neatly, resulting in professionally manicured edges.

If you intend to a garden trimmer in an environment to cover a larger surface area or one with more dense foliage, we recommend utilising a powered garden edger. It will have more power to ensure you get your desired results. Powered garden edgers feature a 3-4 foot shaft with a half-moon steel blade on both sides of the footrests. These features allow for a swift process and make them trouble-free to use and run, with less work for the owner. Powered garden edgers are very suitable for residential and rural settings. As reputable garden machinery suppliers, we have numerous options for garden edgers with different features to meet your needs.

  1. Consider an electric mower for residential areas

 Electric mowers are beneficial and are often the mower of choice due to being a more lightweight option compared to regular walk-behind mowers. They are relatively quiet for residential settings, easy to use, more efficient, guarantee less work for the owner and allow for minimal storage space as they fold up for storage. Electric mowers may be a good choice for smaller to medium-sized lawns, and for people who are looking for a mower to avoid yard obstacles. Utilising an electric mower could be timesaving for you and improve your yard in the process!

Many well-renowned brands offer electric lawn mowers such as Masport Mowers and Husqvarna. Our experts here at Ellenbrook Mowers can assist you in choosing the right electric mower to suit you and your needs.

  1. Choose a mower that suits your desired needs

 Masport Mowers are proudly designed and engineered in Australia, rapidly growing in popularity, and exporting to over 40 countries worldwide. Our experts here at Ellenbrook Mowers offer a variety of garden equipment from lawn mowers, shredders, and cultivators which have several characteristics that set them aside from other walk-behind mowers.

Masport Mowers are known for being user-friendly, reliable, and effective and have been manufactured to endure heavy lawn conditions and long mowing times. This is due to some of their most popular features such as ergonomic and secure cam locks, adjustable dual bearing wheels and a smart handle lift system. A unique feature of Masport Mowers is that they have next-level washports in their walk-behind mowers. They are one of a few walk-behind mowers that showcase this feature. They offer a wide range of electric mowers and electric outdoor power equipment which are fast and efficient options.

Get Your Lawn In Good Shape!

 When buying something as high-end as a lawn mower or garden edger, ensure you get high-quality products and the best deal possible. Make sure you get everything you deserve with a reputable lawn mower seller, like Ellenbrook Mowers. Ellenbrook lawn mowers make outdoor maintenance jobs easy, fun, and effortless with our extensive range of ideal products, no matter the size of the job.

We at Ellenbrook offer the best range of Masport Mowers as well as a full range of outdoor power equipment, including chainsaws, electric lawn mowers, lawn edgers, brush cutters, leaf blowers, cultivators, cylinder lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and robotic lawn mowers. All of our power equipment is supplied by trusted manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Atom Industries, Billy Goat, Masport Mowers, TruYard and many more.

Plus, at the Ellenbrook lawn mowers workshop, we offer full equipment servicing and sharpening for many makes and models of garden equipment. We can even supply you with a range of replacement small engines to suit a wide range of applications, plus spare parts, and accessories for many makes and models of garden equipment.

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