What are the Best Accessories for Your Riding Lawn Mower?

What are the Best Accessories for Your Riding Lawn Mower?

With the correct attachments, you can maximise the performance of your riding lawn mower to get more work done faster, more comfortably and efficiently!

Simple improvements to any outdoor power equipment – from lawn mowers to leaf blowers and lawn edgers – can make your model simpler to operate, better performance, and more pleasant to use.

As reputable lawn mower retailers at Ellenbrook Mowers, here are some of our favourite enhancements for your riding lawn mower in 2022. Note some of these attachments are compatible with regular walk-behind lawn mowers, but all are suitable for Husqvarna zero-turn riding lawn mowers.

Zero Turn Sun Canopy

The riding lawn mower sun canopy is mounted on top of the user’s seat to provide shade for the upper body and overall helps the user keep cool by blocking off the relentless sunbeams while cutting grass in the scorching Australian sun.

Long-term sun exposure can result in wrinkles, dark patches, and even skin cancer. So, why would you cut grass without protection at the hottest, sunniest parts of the day? With a riding lawn mower cover, your yard care efforts will be much more enjoyable!

The longer your daily mowing takes, the more you’ll profit from improved rider comfort. For example, you can double your amount of mowing in one day, as the sun canopy makes long hours much more comfortable and less sweaty for the operator!

At Ellenbrook, we sell large heavy-duty Husqvarna canopies for riding mowers, which is water-resistant material to block direct sunlight and its easy tool-free adjustment allows for quick removal for transport. A sun canopy is the perfect riding lawn mower accessory for all Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers with ROPS models.

Mulching Supplies

Convert your lawn mower to mulching mode by adding Husqvarna mulching accessories to your current machine.

The blade shape is one of the critical distinctions between a mulching lawn mower and a conventional lawn mower. A mulching lawn mower blade is often curved than a standard mower blade. The unique design allows grass clippings to circulate on the mower deck, allowing the blade to cut grass over and over until they are smaller and more refined. On the other hand, the standard lawn mower has bigger blades that only cut the grass once.

By re-cutting and re-circulating grass clippings under the mowing deck to form a fine mulch, these clippings are recycled back into your yard, which aids in the maintenance of a green and healthy lawn by providing extra nutrients to the grass, reducing evaporation, and keeping soil temperature lower.

You end up with a mound of clippings when you mow with a regular lawn mower. Although it may appear these clippings must be thrown out, your lawn really benefits from utilising this organic material! Mulching supplies save you time since you won’t have to dispose of the clippings, and it also helps to nurture healthy grass by recycling nutrients back into your yard.

Zero Turn Triple Bin Collection System with Blower

Zero Turn lawn mowers with a 48″ constructed deck can be upgraded with a three-bin soft-sided collector with a blower. The quick-attach design and robust polyester mesh collecting bags also have a ‘full bin’ indicator for an even more efficient mowing experience.

The huge 315 litres capacity means you can mow for extended periods without stopping. Whether collecting leaves in the fall or cleaning up lawn clippings, you will be pleased to add this attachment to your Husqvarna ZTR® Zero Turn lawn mower.

This landscaper’s go-to lawn mower accessory doubles as a lawn vacuum for a tidy and time-saving finish. Suitable for all weather situations throughout the year, the tough impeller is built with industrial-grade bearings and produces incredible airflow for heavy-duty and wet-cutting applications.

Riding Lawn Mower Lubricants and Filling Equipment

Lubricating your riding lawn mower and using the proper gasoline will help it last longer and help you operate more efficiently. For more uncomplicated labour and better results, Ellenbrook Mowers has a variety of lubricants and cans.

But our 15L, ergonomically, and autostop designed fuel can with an optimised flow spout is the ultimate filling tool for your wheeled vehicles – including lawn mowers, leaf blowers, lawn edgers and everything in-between. It’s simple to lift, transport, and recharge without spilling or wasting anything.

The fuel can’s flow is immediately shut off when the tank is full, and the can may be lifted without spilling. The can is incredibly easy to hold, thanks to an innovative design that includes three ergonomically positioned grips. The carefully designed spout and auto-stop mechanism mean you can swiftly refuel your wheeled vehicle without splashing or wasting petrol.

Personal Protective Equipment

Your most valuable tool is your body, so to ensure you can operate for many years to come, we sell a variety of protective gear to keep outdoor power equipment users safe and healthy. Here are the most critical PPE for riding lawn mower users:

  • Noise-cancelling, hearing protection earmuffs. Some models come with an audio input for an mp3 player or communication radio. They are custom-made for the left and right ears to conform to the curve of the skull and centralise the strain on the headband, reducing pressure on the ears.
  • Disposable foam earplugs in a tapered shape for comfort. Convenient pack size of 25 pairs.
  • Corded disposable foam earplugs in a tapered shape for comfort. Convenient pack size of 3.
  • Protective glasses in a wide range of options. Each model features scratch-resistant clear lenses with extendable frames and angel adjustment lenses. The yellow-tinted lenses are better for vision in dark conditions, and the grey-tinted lenses have UV protection for better vision in sunny conditions.
  • Protective gloves in a wide range of options. All models are comfortable, durable for demanding work and offer good protection against moisture.

Ready to Upgrade Your Riding Lawn Mower? Ellenbrook Mowers Has You Covered!

When buying something as high-end as riding lawn mower accessories, ensure you get high-quality products and the best deal possible. Get everything you deserve with a reputable lawn mower seller, like Ellenbrook Mowers.

No matter if you need a lawn mower for a small garden or a riding lawn mower for a larger lifestyle block. Ellenbrook Mowers makes outdoor maintenance jobs easy, fun, and effortless with our extensive range of ideal products, no matter the size of the job.

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Plus, at the Ellenbrook workshop, we offer full equipment servicing and sharpening for many makes and models of garden equipment. We can even supply you with a range of replacement small engines to suit a wide range of applications, plus spare parts and accessories for many makes and models of garden equipment.

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