8 Expert Tips to Maximise the Life of Your Hedge Trimmer

8 Expert Tips to Maximise the Life of Your Hedge Trimmer

Hedges provide wonderful landscaping features to our gardens, from providing shade and seclusion to adding unique shapes and textures. But unfortunately, hedges require constant upkeep, or they quickly become wild and quite an eyesore.

Manually cutting a hedge may be a time-consuming task, which is why powered hedge trimmers are among one of the most popular outdoor power tools!

Powered hedge trimmers can efficiently trim a hedge into any form conceivable and maintain it to look healthy. But while hedge trimmers are lightweight, simple to use and save time, they require far more upkeep than traditional lopping shears.

Like with other power tools, owners must regularly maintain, clean, service, and store their hedge trimmers if they want the tool to last, or it will lose its performance over time.

So, let’s look at some straightforward strategies to keep your hedge trimmer performing reliably for years to come.

How to Effectively Operate Your Hedge Trimmer to Maximise its Life Usage

Although often overlooked, the way you use your hedge trimmer will extend the life span of your equipment. For example, as your hedges grow, they become pretty woody, with thicker branches and a much sicklier appearance. Therefore, to ensure your hedge trimmer isn’t overwhelmed by the dense growth, regular pruning will help keep needy hedges at bay.

In addition, when operating your hedge trimmer, begin trimming gently so the tool isn’t inundated. Most hedge trimmers are fast, so be patient and take your time. Start by cutting tiny sections from the hedge, as this will tidy it up without potentially destroying the plant. When you do cut, start from the sides, and work your way up in the direction of the hedge’s growth for a smoother motion.

Hedge Trimmer Usage Safety!

Obviously, safe and proper usage of outdoor power equipment as instructed by the manufacture will ensure a long life span. For example, if you use a corded electric hedge trimmer, always be aware of keeping the cable away from the blades, as cutting through the cord will most likely harm the trimmer and cause severe injuries to the user.

No matter the type of hedge trimmer you use, make sure you dress appropriately with personal protective equipment. Gardening gloves and safety glasses are advised for first-time users, but after you’re familiar with how it works, ordinary sunglasses should suffice. Plus, ear protection will be required with louder trimmers.

Finally, the most essential aspect of hedge trimmer safety is how you operate it. Make sure you swing the tool away from your body, not towards yourself. Always use both hands on the hedge trimmer; cutting with one hand will lead you to lose control of the machine.

Keep the Cutting Blades and the Exterior Clean

With every use, the hedge trimmer collects dirt, sap, and other debris, as well as the hedge’s remnants. Therefore, to increase the lifespan of your hedge trimmer, make sure you gently remove any debris from the tool after every use while the device is switched off or unplugged, of course.

After clearing away the debris, take a dry towel and a special resin-cleaning solvent – spray the trimmer’s blades, and then wipe away the resin. If the cutting blades are not cleaned properly, the hedge trimmer will be considerably less efficient in cutting, making it more difficult to trim your hedges in the future.

Lubricate the Blades Regularly

The more you use your hedge trimmer, the more the blades are exposed to moisture and pollutants. It’s incredible how rapid erosion may set in, and good lubrication once a month can establish a protective barrier. Lubrication also allows the blades to slide smoothly over each other, resulting in reduced friction and increased cutting force.

Of all the maintenance jobs to complete, this is the simplest. It is preferable to oil the blades after they have been well cleaned and dried. Also, before and after winter and summer storage, apply a little coat of oil to the blades. It’s important to note that a little goes a long way, don’t overdo it.

Tighten Any Loose Screws or Fittings

All models of hedge trimmers must have the screws tightened, with specific care paid to the nuts and bolts that secure the handles, blades, and debris shields to the body. These components are critical in preventing the hedge trimmer from swinging loose and posing a safety concern. When the handle comes free during usage, the trimmer may swing towards the user’s body, harming the user.

Sharpen the Blades of Your Hedge Trimmer

Is your hedge trimmer getting tangled up in branches? If you haven’t already realised, the sharpness of your hedge trimmer’s blades determines its effectiveness. In fact, all power equipment must be kept in good operating order for efficacy, safety, and convenience.

If your hedge trimmer needs its blades sharpened, you have two options – take the machine to our Ellenbrook Mowers store, and we can return it to its former glory. Or, if you are confident, learn to sharpen the blades yourself.

Expert tip: when it comes to the angle and frequency of filing the hedge trimmer blades, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Correct Storage

If you store your garden equipment in a shed or toolbox on your car that is overly wet or prone to leaks, you are almost certainly reducing the lifespan of your equipment whether that be lawn edgers or hedge trimmers. Metal components will rust if exposed to moisture, and the fuel system may get polluted. Furthermore, if your hedge trimmer is battery powered, it may cause electrical shorts and component problems.

If you don’t already have one, a waterproof and UV resistant canvas case is an excellent method to safeguard your equipment. If you don’t have one, make sure your hedge trimmer is covered in a cotton sheet, placed in a plastic bag, and stored off the floor in its box.

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You should have healthy hedges and a spotless trimmer without too much trouble or worry by following these guidelines. Remember, if, in doubt, you may always seek the assistance of a professional at Ellenbrook Mowers, who will gladly assist you!

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