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TruYard is an Australian owned brand that has been manufacturing outdoor power equipment for over 25 years. Specialising in green waste recycling equipment, TruYard wood chippers and hybrid chipper/mulchers have proven to be of the highest quality and the most effective way of turning unwanted garden waste into a nutrient-filled mulch.

TruYard also offers an extensive range of lawn care machinery suitable for small domestic purposes through to commercial applications, including commercial hydraulic chippers, reel mowers, dual-function mower/trimmers, and garden edgers.


The TruYard Product Range

TruYard Mulcher/Chippers

TruYard dual function mulchers/chippers are the perfect versatile machines for turning garden waste into rich mulch. Unlike other machines on the market, the Truyard mulcher/chippers are engineered for uncompromising performance to allow for high-quality chipping of both large branches and smaller garden waste that would otherwise be left in the garden.

truyard mulcher/chippers

TruYard Wood Chippers

Whether it be smaller prunings or larger branches, TruYard high-speed wood chippers can turn any branches or garden waste efficiently and quickly into nutrient-rich chippings that can be re-used in your garden. The large entrance sizes on TruYard wood chippers eliminates the need for prior trimming of branches.

truyard wood chippers

TruYard Commercial Hydraulic Chipper

TruYard's commercial hydraulic wood chipper is the ultimate professional use chipper. With a self-feeding chipper chute that makes light work of your branches and prunings, this chipper will chip most branches up to 150mm with a powerful 610mm flywheel holding off-set chipper blades.

truyard commercial hydraulic chippers

TruYard Reel Mowers

TruYard reel mowers ensure all types of lawns are healthy and beautiful looking with precision cutting. TruYard reel mowers are made out of high-grade steel construction for long life and durability, maintaining cutting sharpness for longer periods. The self-drive system is chain driven with high-quality chain sprockets for years of trouble-free mowing.

truyard reel mowers

TruYard Mower/Trimmer

Do you need to mow and whipper-snip your garden? Do both jobs effortlessly with TruYard's dual function mower/trimmers, as big wheels support the machines ensuring easy handling. You'll whipper-snip with precision, mow stubborn weeds without wrapping or tangling and enjoy your best-looking yard ever.

truyard trimmer

TruYard Garden Edgers

TruYard garden edgers will give you perfectly cut lawn edges every time—excellent quality with a fully welded solid steel frame and an alloy blade guard for strength and durability. With models available for regular domestic use and commercial use, TruYard garden edgers are very easy to start and operate, no matter the application.

truyard garden edger

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Warranty for TruYard Outdoor Power Equipment?

The warranty period for TruYard outdoor power equipment is specific to each product. Please take the time to read the full comprehensive product warranties on the TruYard Website.

What is the Difference Between TruYard Mulcher Chippers and Truyard Chippers?

Mulcher chippers are good for gardens with various plants and foliage, including trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. Mulcher chippers can turn branches, leaves, shrubs, manure, palms, newspaper, kitchen waste, hay, succulent and leafy materials into mulch. Overall, mulcher chippers are ideal for gardeners who want to process a large variety of materials.

On the other hand, chippers are suitable for a yard or bush block with high amounts of trees but minimal shrubs. Chippers can chip branches, prunings and palms. Overall, chippers are ideal for someone who wants to process large amounts of branches quickly and easily.

Are Petrol or Electric Garden Shredders Better?

While both petrol and electric garden shredders are great options, buyers should select the power source that's most convenient to their purpose.

Petrol garden shredders are more powerful than electric shredders; therefore, they're better for more challenging yard work. They can shred thicker branches and a more comprehensive range of garden materials. They don't need to be linked to an electrical outlet so that they may be utilised in distant areas in your yard.

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