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Masport Mowers

For over a century, Masport Mowers has specialised in manufacturing reliable outdoor power equipment such as lawn mowers, riding mowers, shredders, cultivators and more. Masport products are proudly designed and engineered in Australia and have an excellent international reputation for providing high-quality products, exporting to over 40 countries worldwide.

Regardless of whether you've got a small garden or a larger lifestyle block, Masport lawn mowers and outdoor garden equipment make outdoor maintenance jobs easy, fun, and effortless.

Masport lawn mowers have been designed to meet the needs of the heaviest lawn conditions and the longest mowing times, therefore they are built to last. The models in the Masport range are feature-rich, innovative, and truly high-performance mowers; Masport combines quality and innovation with reliability you can trust!


The Masport Product Range

Masport Petrol Lawn Mowers

Masport petrol lawn mowers allow you to make your lawn look its best quickly and effortlessly. We offer a range of petrol lawn mowers to suit various needs, lifestyles, and budgets to help you achieve that perfect lawn. Built strong and made to last – these machines provide a tough, reliable, and highly durable mowing experience that is a cut above the rest. Take the hard work out of cutting grass with a Masport petrol lawn mower!


Masport Battery Mowers & Power Equipment

No longer will you need to fuel up, check the oil, then pull-start a petrol engine. Now you can just push a button and mow instantly with an emission-free and quieter operation for true mower performance from Masport's ranges of battery mowers and outdoor power equipment. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of battery technology that allows everyday gardening work to be done effortlessly by hand without the need for cables.


Masport Cylinder Mowers

Masport has manufactured not only a high-specification cylinder mower with precision cutting performance, but this mower is more affordable than any other powered cylinder mower produced before.


Masport Outdoor Power Equipment

Great gardens and professional looking landscaping demands equipment that is hardworking and reliable. Masport has a comprehensive range of quality outdoor power equipment to make your job easier. From petrol-powered cultivators, electric log splitters, petrol garden shredders, garden edgers and Masport electric lawn mowers. This advanced power equipment is the ideal replacement for hand tools, taking out the tiresome work gardens require and ensuring a much faster & efficient operation.


Masport Lawn Tractors & Ride-ons

Mowing large lawns has never been so easy with Masport's extensive range of ride-on mowers and lawn tractors. Whether you are mowing an orchard, lifestyle block or areas with a tight turning circle, the Masport ride-on and lawn tractor range deliver the industry's best performance with many user-friendly features at affordable prices. Choose from either side discharge tractors, rear catcher tractors or specialised riding mowers.


Masport Garden Accessories

Masport lawn mowers are built to last. However, to ensure your mower performs as it should and that your manufacturers' warranty covers you, we recommend only using Masport genuine parts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Warranty for Masport Mowers Products?

As a commitment to the quality Masport Mowers provides, each product depending upon type and engine make, is backed by a warranty programme. Please take the time to read the full comprehensive product warranties on the Masport Mowers website.

Which Masport Mower is Best for Small Yards?

If you have a small yard, Masport offers a great introductory petrol mower, the President flagship model, 500 ST. The 500 ST is a budget-friendly model and best suited for smaller yards but is also ready to handle rough terrain, with a two-blade cutting system and 16.5-inch cutting width.

Although if you are most interested in environmentally friendly lawn mowers, the Masport electric lawn mowers are also heavy duty. The 'Electric Mower' model includes a 45L catcher and a 1600W motor, and a 16.5-inch cutting width, ideal for smaller yards.

Which Masport Mower is Best for Big Yards?

Larger yard dimensions and bigger lawn mower capacities come with a higher price tag, so if money isn't a problem, the 4000 AL, which costs approximately $1,050, is excellent for large yards. With a 46L catcher, the 4000 AL has adjustable wheel bearings, as well as self-propulsion and mulching capabilities, making it perfect for people with more extensive lawns and green thumbs.

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