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Billy Goat Machinery

Billy Goat is the premier designer and manufacturer of specialty turf products with a reputation for innovation, productivity, and quality. Billy Goat features a complete line of outdoor property clean-up product solutions such as aerators, sod cutters, brush cutters, blowers, lawn vacuums and debris loaders.

Whether your application is for backyard maintenance or large commercial properties, Billy Goat has an extensive range of perfect outdoor power equipment suitable for all clean-up applications, properties, and seasonal requirements. Offering models ideal for all types of residential, commercial, and municipal needs, serving rental, contractor, and retail markets.

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The Billy Goat Product Range

Billy Goat Turf Cutters

There's simply no turf cutter that's easier to use than Billy Goat's user-friend range. Billy Goat's 12" and 18" turf cutters are incredibly easy to transport, set up and operate, suitable for small projects all the way to commercial landscaping.

billy goat turf cutters

Billy Goat Wheeled & Stand-On Blowers

Billy Goat has a full line of wheeled and stand-on blowers for any garden application. Billy Goat's wheeled blowers are up to 30% lighter and deliver up to 7x the power of a backpack. While the commercial stand-on blowers take clean-up productivity to a whole new level.

billy goat wheeled & stand-on mowers

Billy Goat Debris Loaders

For powerful suction power second to none, Billy Goat's full range of truck loaders offers a solution for every contractor. The 13 HP, 18 HP and 35 HP heavy-duty units with armour plate steel impellers provide a 12:1 reduction ratio and offer optional Customfit™ features for tailored mounting fits.

billy goat debris loaders

Billy Goat Leaf & Litter Vacuums

Billy Goat's all-inclusive line of leaf, litter and debris vacuums for residential and commercial properties offer clean-up solutions for wide-ranging applications. From parking lots, city streets, sidewalks and parks or municipal to school campuses and industrial applications, Billy Goat has been setting the standard for property clean-up for more than 45 years.

billy goat leaf & litter vacuums

Billy Goat Aerators

Billy Goat's three models of aerators offer the most comprehensive line of aerators on the market. Providing unmatched manoeuvrability, ergonomics, ease of turning, improved production, reduced downtime, and turf repair.

billy goat aerators

Billy Goat Brushcutters

Clearing brush can be a monumental undertaking, but Billy Goat's Outback® 26" Brushcutter series makes the task simple to conquer. The mechanical-drive fixed deck model is ideal for clearing meadows or fields and offers excellent stability in deep vegetation.

billy goat brush cutters

Billy Goat Overseeders & Power Rakes

Billy Goat's best in class overseeders and power rakes efficiently removes matted thatch from turf, complete with rugged designs to ensure a durable application that withstands the most demanding use.

billy goat overseeders & power rakes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Warranty for Billy Goat Outdoor Power Equipment?

Billy Goat warrants all products; the length of the warranty period is one year unless otherwise specified; some models have a warranty for up to two years. Please take the time to read the full comprehensive product warranties on the Billy Goat Website.

How Should I Clean My Outdoor Power Equipment?

Cleaning your professional Billy Goat lawn equipment is as simple as power washing it. Please use caution during power cleaning, as some components may be damaged.

Water should not be sprayed directly on bearings or bushings. If they've been sprayed by mistake, make sure they're greased or re-lubricated to avoid seizing or premature wear. If at all possible, keep water away from the clutch brake of your outdoor lawn equipment. Water entering into the clutch brake can cause it to rust, which will increase friction and heat, shortening the clutch's life.

Cleaning engines: while most engines are sealed, some components should not be treated with a power washer directly. Water should not be allowed to get near the air filter, muffler, recoil starter, fuel tank cap, or electrical components. Washing an engine when it is hot can cause damage to the engine block, exhaust system, and electrical components.

Which Billy Goat Product is Best for Large-Scale Commercial Clean-Up Projects?

While rotary mowers, sickle bar mowers, and handheld weed cutters are all small enough to operate around obstacles, none will complete a commercial job as well or with the same simplicity as the Outback Brushcutter.

Not only do you have to carry handheld brush cutters, they only cut debris once, meaning you also have to clean up after them. Rotary mowers can mulch debris, but anything more demanding than a groomed lawn may cause them to choke and halt due to their low, confined coverings. Sickle bar mowers are designed to cut through thick weeds, but they only cut through debris once, leaving a mess to clean up. The operator is also subjected to a strong, exhausting vibration as the sickle bar moves from side to side.

Only the Outback Brushcutter is small enough to operate around obstacles, self-propelled, and developed particularly for cutting, chopping, and reducing heavy foliage typical in commercial jobs.

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