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Atom Industries

All Atom Industries lawn and garden products are Australian designed and manufactured for exceptional quality and ease of use. Atom's policy is to develop better ways to improve existing technology, making your garden jobs easier and faster, saving you time and money. With products such as lawn edgers, tillers, leaf blowers, engine-powered drills, and hardwood augers.

Since 1967 Atom has maintained its reputation for consistent and reliable service. Over the years, Atom has received many awards, including 10 Gold Medals at the prestigious International Inventions and Technology Conventions in Geneva, Switzerland.


The Atom Industries Product Range

Atom Lawn Edgers

Atom lawn edgers are light-in-weight and very quiet in operation whilst simultaneously having a strong, robust construction and long-lasting 4-blade cutting system ensuring neat edges, round corners, and curbs cut precisely. Plus, Atom lawn edgers have reliable safety features throughout and are environmentally friendly due to the speed of job completion, low energy consumption and the economical 4-blade cutting system.

atom lawn edgers

Atom Tillers

Do you need a good, reliable tiller for your garden? Atom tillers not only tile and cultivate your soil but can turn garden leaves and waste into high quality, ready-to-use mulch. Atom tillers can be used everywhere, from tilling under grapevine wire strands, loosening up hardened chicken manure in chicken sheds, to breaking up hard sand crusts in golf sand bunkers. All models are easy to use, lightweight, extremely strong, and easily transportable in the boot of your car.

atom tillers

Atom Leaf Blowers

Atom's powerful leaf blowers do the job three times faster, designed for easy starting and very high air output, so you do the job quicker. Atom handheld blowers are extra lightweight, very powerful, with a professional anti-vibration rubber grip handle, springs mounted, and lever incremental cruise control combined with a stop switch. Around your home or for professional use, these easy starting massive air blast blowers will clean-up fast.

atom leaf blowers

Atom Engine Powered Drills – 2 and 4-Stroke

Atom's range of DRILLMASTER® engine powered drills have multiple high-powered operating speeds and unique automatic reverse mechanisms. All models will easily drill 1¼" (32mm) holes in any Australian hardwood, which most other engine drills cannot do or do with much difficulty.

atom engine power drills

Atom Hardwood Augers

Atom hardwood augers are perfect for Atom drills, designed for the toughest Australian hardwoods and are made from heat-treated high carbon steel. Atom hardwood augers offer high performance with unique two radial cutting edges and two vertical cutting edges, guaranteed to drill faster and easier than any other brand auger.

atom hardwood augers

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Please get in contact with our specialist Ellenbrook staff to discuss your next project or ask any questions about Atom products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Warranty for Atom Outdoor Power Equipment?

Warranties for Atom outdoor power equipment ranges from 1 year to 5 years, depending on the product model and the type of use. Please take the time to read the full comprehensive product warranties on the Atom Industries Website.

What is the Best Way to Keep my Atom Product in Top Condition?

The best way to keep your atom outdoor power equipment motors in top condition is to regularly clean and oil the air filter, depending on usage.

For two-stroke engines (with 50:1 grade 2-stroke oil), use quality non-ethanol-based gasoline 40:1 blend, and for four-stroke engines, use quality four-stroke oil. Use gasoline that isn't ethanol-based.

Drain the fuel from the tank if you do not intend to use the unit for an extended length of time, such as the next 3–4 months. To remove fuel from the carburettor, start the engine and let it run until it stops.

After two or three years, have your Ellenbrook dealer inspect the gasoline lines and repair them if required, as well as the air and fuel filters for cleanliness and damage, and make sure the petrol cap is sealed correctly, and there are no leaks.

When Should I Change my Atom Outdoor Power Equipment Blades?

When you reach the two marking holes in the blade, it's time to change your blades. Only use authentic Atom blades (part number 43105) constructed of unique spring steel that absorbs impacts on concrete and reduces impact through the gearbox system.

WARNING! Non-genuine Atom components might cause damage to the gearbox and void any warranty. These blades should not be used on any Atom lawn edger model because Atom edgers have a high mass weight, a thick blade out of balance, warping that causes vibration and an overloading of the gear system.

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