8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Riding Lawn Mower

8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Riding Lawn Mower

Even the best petrol and electric lawn mowers are unlikely to be more powerful than an average riding mower. Ride-on lawn mowers can cut grass two to three times quicker than traditional push mowers, making them ideal for challenging terrains and extensive areas.

Since a ride-on lawn mower is a significant investment, choosing the right model for your unique application is essential. But since today’s market is overflowing with multiple types of riding lawn mowers, it may be difficult to know where to begin.

Ellenbrook Mowers sells the best lawn mowers in Perth; with many years of industry experience, we know exactly what aspects of riding lawn mowers are crucial to customers. So, we have put together this helpful buyer’s guide discussing the eight most important factors to consider when buying a riding lawn mower.

  1. Type of Riding Lawn Mowers

There are two types of riding lawn mowers to consider. The tractor-style riding mower is the most common model, with the steering wheel and pads in either automatic or manual transmission. Tractor-style riding mowers come in compact models that are more nimble and simple to manoeuvre through narrow areas. As well as larger versions that are more powerful and have wider cutting widths for more significant jobs.

The other sort of riding mower is a zero-turn model with left-right steer-drive handlebars for improved manoeuvrability. Zero-turn lawn mowers are more suited for trickier backyards with many obstacles, trees, or odd-shaped garden beds. A rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel-brake steering provide zero-turn lawn mowers with a very narrow turning radius.

  1. Mowing, Mulching/Catching Options

Mulching is available on a variety of lawn mower models, including side discharge and rear-catcher mowers. Longer, tougher grass, as well as models with broader mowing decks, benefit from side discharge. Rear-catcher lawn mowers collect the grass as you go, which is ideal for finer lawns.

Although most riding lawn mowers may be converted to mulching lawn mowers by inserting a mulch-plug into the mowing deck, which chops the clippings finer before blowing them onto the lawn.

  1. Consider the Weight of the Lawn Mower with the Terrain of Your Area

Ride-on lawn mowers are large and heavy, weighing up to 150kg. The centre of gravity is raised when the rider’s weight is on top of the lawn mower, especially with tractor-style versions. Mowing sideways over slopes of more than 10 degrees is not recommended.

Commercial zero-turn lawn mowers are broader, and the driver sits lower, allowing them to tackle steeper slopes, although they are still not advised for slopes steeper than 10 degrees. Anything beyond this can be done more safely with a walk-behind lawn mower.

  1. Transmission Type

While a manual transmission is good value, an automatic/hydrostatic transmission allows users to accelerate, decelerate, and reverse without changing gears. On certain lawn mower models, users can even add cruise control to make mowing sessions more pleasant.

There are many additional controls buyers can look out for to increase the efficiency of their mowing jobs. For example, buyers may be interested in models with a reverse override option so users can back up with ease. A seat shut-off button that prevents the blades from spinning when you get off the lawn mower is also an additional safety feature that will come in handy.

  1. Engine Power

Horsepower is the unit of measurement for the weight and distance pushed by a lawn mower, as well as the time the lawn mower takes to do so. Although, when comparing various engine manufacturers, horsepower may be deceptive, with some rated at gross horsepower, others at nett or “critical” horsepower, and other differences depending on the rating method employed.

A V-twin engine, often seen on bigger tractors or zero-turns, produces greater power than a single-cylinder engine while reducing vibration for decreased wear, quieter operation, and improved comfort. A V-twin engine also lasts longer since it operates cooler and consumes less gasoline.

  1. Mowing Area vs. Size of Lawn Mower

The size of the mowing area should determine the size of your lawn mower. As a general rule:

If your land is less than 4000m2 (1 acre), an entry-level lawn mower with a smaller engine and a lighter frame will suffice. If you choose a lawn tractor over a zero-turn mower, you will still need a push lawn mower to reach the areas where the lawn tractor can’t. For grass areas up to 4000m2 (1 acre), a lawn mower with a 110cm (42 inches) cutting width with a 14–20 horsepower engine is required.

For backyards between 4000m2 and 8000m2 (1 to 2 acres), you will require a lawn mower with a stronger frame, suspension, and engine. In general terms, an area of this size will require a lawn mower with a cutting width of about 120cm (48 inches) and a 20–24 horsepower engine.

Finally, for areas greater than 10000m2 or 1 hectare, you will require a lawn mower with the widest cutting breadth and at least a 24-horsepower engine.

  1. Before You Buy, Try the Lawn Mower Out

Once you have considered all the above factors, you may have nailed down an ideal riding lawn mower for you. But it’s important not to buy the vehicle blindly and see the model in person first.

Sit on the lawn mower and ask yourself the following questions. Is the seat comfortable? Is there back support? Is the steering wheel or levers at a comfortable height and angle?

You must feel safe with a lawn mower, so examine how simple it is to remove the mulch-plug or catcher, empty it, and reconnect it. Ask yourself, are the controls easy for you to operate? Is it possible to reach the controls and any foot pedals without stretching?

Before you buy a riding lawn mower, it may also be helpful to inquire with friends and neighbours, particularly those who own a home similar to yours, about what lawn mower they use and how they like it.

  1. Reputable Lawn Mower Seller

When buying something as high-end as a riding lawn mower, ensure you get high-quality products and the best deal possible. Make sure you get everything you deserve with a reputable lawn mower seller, like Ellenbrook Mowers.

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